Ep. 8: Jeff Boyd – Shalom

APR Episode 8 – Jeff Boyd at the Michiana Adventist Forum

“Blessed Are the Demonstrators”

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In this episode, we share a presentation Jeff Boyd gave in late September 2016 (not October, as erroneously stated in the introduction) at the Michiana Adventist Forum, which is held at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI.

Jeff addresses four questions: What is peace? What does Adventism offer peacemakers? What is the Adventist Peace Fellowship? How can we be more effective and faithful peacemakers?

02 2 MAF - Presentation Slides 2

Show Notes

To begin, I (Jeff) address four introductory points: my t-shirt, the “peace onion” I described in the original presentation, Tiny Hands International, and these very show notes.

6:05 Blessed are the demonstrators.

7:40 (1) What is peace?

For this portion, I relied on two of my writings. First, the chapter “Peace, War, and Nonviolence” in Church and Society: Missiological Challenges for the Seventh-day Adventist Church (pp. 229-263). Second, I used quotes on “shalom” that I have collected in a blog post, “Toward a Definition of Shalom.”

14:45 Peace Onion, as flawed as it is.

16:30 (2) What does Adventism offer peacemakers?

17:30 (2.1) Sabbath (rest, creation care [Merry Lea Center], economics)

23:45 (2.2) Adventist History. Semi-random sampling:

32:10 (2.3) Hope and (2.4) Realism. I wrote about Joseph Bates and Anson Byington on the Adventist Peace Fellowship blog. This draws on Douglas Morgan’s book, Adventism and the American Republic.

39:00 (2.5) Great Controversy Theme. Demonstration. I think the first time I wrote about this was in the chapter “The Deck-Chair Shuffle?” in Do Justice: Our Call to Faithful Living (pp. 50-55).

44:55 What is the Adventist Peace Fellowship

47:55 How can I be a more faithful and effective peacemaker?

For this section, I mostly drew on the end of my chapter “Peace, War, & Nonviolence” in Church and Society. If you’re interested in conflict transformation, John Paul Lederach is a great person to start with.

53:55 Peace Weeks

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