Ep. 16 – Tiffany Llewellyn (PELC & DACA)

Tiffany Llewellyn addresses two topics—PELC and DACA—in this episode. In Part One, Tiffany shares about her recent experience at the Pastoral Evangelism & Leadership Council (PELC). Two of the high points of this conversation are the social justice bootcamp that Tiffany co-led with Pastor Jaime Kowlessar and also a workshop on activism hosted by Garrison Hayes and Chaplain Michael Polite.

In Part Two, Tiffany helps us better understand what’s at stake in the DACA debate for the church and for Dreamers, young people who were brought to the US without documentation. This segment of the podcast gets very personal, so we really hope you’ll stick around for this portion of the conversation. The theme music that bridges the two segments is “Tracks of My Fears” by John Deley and the 41 Players (YouTube Audio Library). This track was chosen as much for the title as for the music itself.

Tiffany Llewellyn is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works as an Intensive In-home Clinician at Yale University with children and adolescents diagnosed with severe psychiatric disorders. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Medgar Evers College and later earned her Master of Social Work at the Silberman School of Social Work, specializing in work with Children, Youth and Families. Additionally, Tiffany loves youth ministry and is currently serving as Assistant Executive Youth Coordinator and Young Adult Coordinator for the Northeastern Conference. Tiffany is the CEO and Founder of a nonprofit organization, Adventists for Social Justice, which is a young-adult led movement focused on activating Adventists for Activism in our marginalized communities.


2:15 — PART 1: Pastoral Evangelism and Leadership Council (PELC website)

It Is Time

Transition Music: “Tracks of My Fears” by John Deley and the 41 Players (YouTube Audio Library).

22:35 — PART 2: DACA


DACA (Wikipedia)

ASJ Contact Page


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Thank you, Claudia Allen, for recording the introduction to this episode. Next time we need to find a quiet studio to record in, and I hope in 2018 we’ll be able to share your PARL presentation!

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MUSIC: Our theme music is “Green Fields” by Scott Holmes, via Free Music Archive.

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