Ep. 17 – Dr. Ganoune Diop (GC PARL)

Dr. Ganoune Diop, who is the General Conference director of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, gives a presentation titled “Speaking As a Dragon? Religious Liberty & Biblical Justice Today.” The event, which took place at Andrews University on January 27, 2018, was hosted by the Lake Union Conference Department of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty.

Following Dr. Diop’s presentation, a panel of lawyers and other leaders give their perspectives on various issues of liberty and justice. The panelists are Gwendolyn Powell Braswell, Michael Nixon, Dwight Nelson, John Nay and Ganoune Diop. The event coordinator and emcee is seminary professor Nicholas Miller who also oversees the Lake Union’s efforts in this area.

I have trimmed the original recording by about an hour by removing the music performances, some of the introductions, sections of Michael Nixon and Dwight Nelson’s comments during the panel, and the final section of questions and answers. If you would like to view the entire event, you can access a video recording of the Facebook live feed in the show notes below.

Also, I have done my best to clean up the audio, but it is still not great. If you can put up with the room’s reverb, the occasional side conversations, and the moving of chairs during the transition to the panel, I believe you will be able to appreciate the speaker’s important content. Thank you for your patience in this regard.


Event Links:


  • 2:15 Ganoune Diop Presentation
  • 32:25 Panel


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I would like to thank Dr. Nicholas Miller for allowing us to share this recording, and I thank Janna Quetz for helping me work it out.

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MUSIC: Our theme music is “Green Fields” by Scott Holmes, via Free Music Archive.

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