Ep. 33 – Terry Dodge: Documentary Film about Sam Campbell

Terry Dodge describes the documentary he is filming about Sam Campbell. He also shares about the two Sam Campbell films he has already completed. 

Terry Dodge Jr works in Information Technology Services at Andrews University. He also runs the film company, TLD Productions, which does event filming and special projects. He has directed and produced Blue Devils, a documentary about Marine Aviation Squadron VMF-451 (IMDB). Terry grew up reading Sam Campbell’s Living Forest books and exploring America’s wilderness areas.

Although Sam Campbell was not an Adventist, he was virtually adopted into the community in the northern United States, where his books and film tours celebrating nature were in high demand. For example, he made roughly twenty film tour stops at Andrews University in the 1950s and 60s, and his Living Forest book series was available in Adventist Book Centers from coast to coast.



Films edited by Terry Dodge: https://samcampbell.com/sam-campbells-films/

  • Come to the North Country (20 mins, $14.95 DVD)
  • Land of the Voyageur (50 mins, $19.95 DVD)
  • Film Clips ($11.95 DVD)



You can support the project by sharing your own stories and resources. Terry welcomes your personal stories of Sam Campbell, as well as information, resources, photographs, and videos.

You can donate to Terry’s documentary film project and help it come to life by sending a tax deductible donation to:

International Learning System
3579 E Snow Rd
Berrien Springs, MI 49103

Contact: https://samcampbell.com/contact-us/


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